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If you have bought positions in the $20 line before buying in the $10 line you have to wait for the database to validate and update your details or simply sign up here again with the same username and details you used in the $20 section. You can wait for the database to update if you don't want to buy $10 positions right now, but to get instant access to the $10 section you can sign up here again with the same details. You will be able to buy positions immediately.

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When you become a member you pay $10 into our system. You will be placed in our fast moving straight line money doubler. With every 2 new positions bought, by existing members or new members, the next position on top will cycle out and $20 is paid to the owner of that position. Meaning... You doubled your money for doing NOTHING!!

But that's just for starters because if you enable Auto-Cycle, $10 will be deducted from your balance when you cycle out and you will be re-entered automatically in the bottom of the line. This is very powerful because you don't waste time buying a new position manually so you always have a new position instantly when you cycle out. You can turn this feature on and off whenever you like. We pay out daily so after $10 is deducted from your balance the remaining $10 will be paid out to your Alertpay account.

Since it only takes 2 new positions to make the next in line cycle, it would be smart to buy more than 1 position of course. So after you have joined you can buy more positions from your back office to really explode your earnings. JOIN NOW AND SECURE YOUR POSITION IN THE LINE!

  • If you don't want to do anything, sit back and wait for your money to double.

  • Receive 10% commission on positions bought by your referrals.

  • Increase your profits by buying more positions.

    Every time you buy 10 positions (in one buy) you'll receive 1 extra position for free. Buy 10 get 11!

  • For every position you buy you'll receive 1,000 468x60 banner impressions, 1,000 125x125 banner impressions and 1,000 text ad impressions.

  • Auto-Cycle feature to put your earning on complete auto pilot.

  • NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL - Never have the money you've earned stuck because of some ridiculous high minimum withdrawal. We can't see how a minimum withdrawal benefits you other than less Alertpay fees you pay to receive money but that's entirely up to you (Alertpay doesn't process payments below $1 so withdrawals below $1 are not possible).

We take great pride in helping people make money online, and we run this service honestly and fairly. No high minimum withdrawals or ridiculous fees to withdraw your money. You join us, you make money, you get paid!

Most cyclers and profit sharing programs fail because of the greed of the admin. They set up a cycler that takes 3, 4 or 5 more positions before the next in line cycles.
Profit sharing sites will only bring you good profit if you can buy shares early. Therefore they only work for a very short period since no one buys new shares anymore at some point. Next to that there are scamming admins who change the profit sharing percentage behind the scene (who will ever know right?) so you'll see a few cents profit added every week or so and since there is always a minimum withdrawal set you can't get your money out if your available balance is below that. In most cases you lose money as it stay stuck in there.

What we do is make sure you make money and keep making money. How? Well the main reason people stop joining cyclers is because they don't earn if they don't cycle so what we do is pay out a share of the profit to positions that have not cycled yet so you always make money. Here's how it works:

Every week on Monday we will calculate profit of the past week and 25% of that will go to members with positions that have not cycled yet. Say you have 1 position of a total of 100 not cycled positions (from all members) at time of the profit share calculation and the profit from the past week was $500 then it would look like this

25% of $500 = $125 (profit to share)
1/100 of $125 = $1.25 (added to your account)

This means you'll make money every week whether your positions cycle or not.

If you're a paid member of IM4IM you'll earn even more. Instead of a share of 25% you'll receive a share of 50% of the profit of the past week for every not cycled position. But that's not all because instead of profit from only this site you'll get profit from 3 more sites we operate.

Now for every not cycled position you have, it could look like this:

Total profit $2,000 (from 4 sites in the past week)
50% of $2,000 = $1,000 (profit to share)
1/100 of $1,000 = $10.00 (added to your account)

It's just an example of course but you can see the big advantage of being a member of IM4IM. Next to the 50% profit share percentage over 4 sites you also earn residual income at IM4IM.

After you have signed up with IM4IM all you have to do is send in a support ticket with your name and username for IM4IM and Easiest Money Maker to be added to the 50% profit sharing list. Please be advised that profit is calculated on Monday over the past week so if you signed up with IM4IM on say Wednesday your share of the profit will be calculated from Wednesday to Monday. This means your share of the profit will be lower so it's important to sign up with IM4IM as soon as possible to be added to the 50% profit sharing list!

We named this program the "Easiest Money Maker" simply because it is. The sooner you join the more you'll earn. But the BIG difference between our program and other similar programs out there is the fact the "Money Doubler" line moves much faster because it only takes 2 new positions to make the top position cycle.
By sharing profits we make sure you earn and keep earning, whether your position is at the top or at the bottom of the line. We share because we care so our profit sharing is pure an extra bonus while you wait for your position to cycle and double your money. We have litterally locked the profit stream and left it only one way to go... straight into your account!




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